Yoda is a one of the few true Master Kush still available today. Over the years many strains have been crossed with this superior indica, but as those strains where not even close to the quality of a true Master Kush… the results have simply been poor imitations that degraded the quality of the original strain. Now lets be clear… there is “Kush”… and there is “Master Kush”. When grown by a professional grower who understands the science as well as the love and attention required to bring this medicine to its maximum potential… Only then… can it be called a Master Kush. There are many tales of its origin and the adventures of its journey. Though the story goes much further back, the epic adventure of Yoda’s journey truly begins in Florida. A forgotten, unattractive baby plant brushed away into a corner. Unwanted, neglected and its potential overlooked it almost got away. Fortunately someone noticed it, believed in it and gave it enough love and attention for it to grow into one of the most beautiful and pungent strains ever known. Through a series of fortunate events it found itself in its new home in California where true Masters taught it how to live to its maximum potential.

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